About Us

Radblu Partners CRP S. A.  is a branch of CasaNovoPartners, it is an investment entity from The United States whose President, Carlos Rodriguez Peyton, has more than 30 years of experience in development and operations of immobiliary projects including the Holiday Inn Aurola Hotel in San Jose  and the Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa in Guanacaste (www.driftwoodhospitality.com).

As a Costa Rican, Carlos Rodriguez has seen the way in which the country has focused its development and diversification on the high tech, medical and office support fields which multinational entities have been established in Heredia.

At the same time, due to the importance of offering Costa Ricans high quality housing opportunities  at affordable prices and also the environmental benefits from reducing hydrocarbon by decreasing traffic, Carlos Rodriguez designed Bella Vista to create an unique, contemporary, elegant, safe and conveniently located place near your work place.

To achieve success in this big project, Carlos Rodriguez requested the participation of Stitchkin Group for its more than 25 years of experience in construction and commercialization of residential buildings in Chile.

With the collaboration of great firms and the vision brought by the USA government agency, OPIC “Overseas Private Investment Corporation”, and Costa Rica Bank to finance the project, Bellavista is the unique and innovating project present to Costa Rica today.


Land 11.106,79 m2.

Project 2 residential buildings with 11 And 21 units are the tallest in Heredia.

238 units, 368 parking spaces and 29 storage rooms in total.

Units  Building 1:  2 and 3 bedrooms from 54 m2 to 98 m2.

Building 2: 1 and 2 bedrooms from 44 m2 to 86 m2.

Common Area Large common areas and exceptional green and recreational areas (18,883.42m2 / 6.230,89m2).