Apartments Building 1

Live in an apartment that has all what your life style needs: comfortability, quality, functionality, design and luxury finishes.

Apartments Building 2

Live in an apartment that has all what your life style needs: comfortability, quality, functionality, design and luxury finishes.

Smart Design

This is the result of the architectonic fusion of the leaders in vertical residential concepts, Carlos Ossenbach (OPB, Costa Rica) and Helmuth Dorner (Proyecta, Chile); they have created an interior distribution of the apartments that utilizes space and light at maximum, with simple, contemporary and spectacular elegance.

Constructive Quality:  We have made a contract with Proycon, one of the best known construction companies in the country, especially in vertical construction, together with the best engineers in CIEM, CMI, IECA and DEHC to ensure the well-being of your family and home. 

Convenient Location: at 2 km from General Cañas Freeway with several ways to Heredia and Alajuela changes your commute from 2 hours to 5 minutes…which is a great positive contribution to the environment by saving in gas and car ware.

Security: officers 24 hours with 30 CCTV monitoring cameras. 

Structural Characteristics: The structure of the building is concrete reinforced with steel and made up with floor tiles and wall cutting. 
No ceilings, the 15 cm deep mezzanine tile floor works  as main floor and inferior ceiling. The floor-ceiling height is 2.51m. All perimetral and external walls of the units are concrete with a depth of 15 cm. 

The greatest residential protection in the country against fires: We have a detection and alarm system approved by  the National Firefighters Force which emphasizes that Bellavista Condominiums is the residential project with best fire protection nationwide. These systems have  hydrants, smoke detectors, emergency lights, extinguishers, and sprayers in all areas. Also the parking areas have hoses, and the elevators are programmed to go to the first floor when the alarm activates. Access doors have also 2 hours long protection to help retain fires. All perimetral and external walls conform fire protection.

170 m3 tank for water storage in case of a fire. 

Luxury finishes: Euromobilia Furniture and Doors, Helvex Bathroom fixtures shop, floors and veneer imported from Germany and Spain, American Standard bathroom slabs, Locksmith –Vedani Signature and accustic insulation windowns Acari of

Extralum with anodized natural steel frames and 8mm- clear floating windows.

Energy Saving: Instant, spacious and efficient heaters and without  the need of using air conditioning which is another energy saver. 

High potential surplus value: live just minutes from the universities, hospitals, industrial parks, restaurants and newest shopping centers in the country.

Comfortability: Reception services, maintenance, cleaning and gardening.

The best anti-seismic protection: The structural design follows Costa Rica Seismic Code under the strict new anti-seismic norms for these type of projects.  Each building is connected to Barva Volcano rock by 70 pilings at an average depth of 14m. More than 380m of beams and almost 2 million in kg of steel strengthen this spectacular complex.

230 m3 tank for potable water storage.

Emergency power generator: 2 power generators for the common areas of each building, including halls and elevators.

Treatment plant certified by ECA.